We’re so glad you dropped by!! Soo..what is Non Rev?

We fly in all cabin classes.

There are two types of passengers on an airplane, the first being a revenue passenger who purchased a ticket for an actual seat on the airplane. The second type is a Non Revenue, or Non Rev as it is referred to in the airline industry. This is normally an airline employee, retiree, and their selected pass riders who are flying standby at no cost, or for a very small fee. Other Non Rev travelers would include “buddy pass” travelers, and other interline travelers who travel on a discounted fee. Non Rev travelers fly on a standby basis and only get a seat when there are available seats at the last minute right before departure.

When flying standby, there are 4 golden rules:

  1. Be flexible and smile!
  2. Be as high on the standby list as possible.
  3. Find the flight with the most open seats.
  4. Always have backup flights or plan B, C, and D

You know that old saying: “We haven’t been everywhere, but everywhere is on our list!” We are just getting started and we’re so excited for the future ahead of us!!

Some of our most common questions:

How do you plan your trips? We don’t really have the luxury to plan ahead. We book hotels and rental cars immediately after receiving our boarding passes! We book excursions/activities after landing. If we booked in advance and did not make it to our destination, we would lose tons of $$$.

How do you choose where to go? We look for the flights with the most open seats departing and if the return flights are open too, that’s our destination. If it’s an international flight to a destination during their low travel season it’s even easier to obtain a seat.

Do you sit in the airport waiting on flights? Absolutely not! We understand how to read our flight loads and we’re able to determine what time we should show up to the airport. This is for domestic and international travel. When we were rookies we may have done this but we consider ourselves veterans now and we don’t sit in airports unless we’re there to board a flight that became full at the last minute.

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